Station Details

Station Details

Our station will consist of the following gear:

4x Icom 7300
3x SPE Expert 1.5 KFA






Array Solutions Low band RX antenna: Shared Apex Loop Array (AS-SAL 30).

DXEngineering Hex Beam

DX Engineering Hex Beam


Operating Plan

We will mainly work Split. Please do not call on our transmit frequency, (unless specifically asked). SSB split will start most of the time 5 KHz up from our transmit frequency.CW/RTTY will start 1 KHz up from our transmit frequency. We will also try to keep our splits as narrow as possible. If we are not listening UP, we are listening DN. Always listen to and follow the operators instructions. No specific frequencies has been choosen as yet. Keep watching the DX clusters or spots. We will be making provisions to work within the US General band plans also.

The operating plan may change as required.


Band Modes   Antennas
160 CW + SSB   Inv.L / Doublet– Shared Apex Loop Array (AS-SAL 30-mk2)
80 CW + SSB   Vertical/Doublet – Shared Apex Loop Array (AS-SAL 30-mk2)
40 CW + SSB + RTTY   Vertical/Doublet
30 CW + SSB + RTTY   Vertical/Doublet
20 CW + SSB + RTTY   6 band beam
17 CW + SSB + RTTY   6 band beam
15 CW + SSB   6 band beam
12 CW + SSB   6 band beam
10 CW + SSB   6 band beam