Team arrived back in Australia

Team arrived back in Australia

The team has arrived safely into Perth around midnight tonight and said goodbye to Adrian KO8SCA, who flies home to New York. The rest of the team are returning to Melbourne shortly with the 200kg of equipment.

Many thanks to all those who have donated and contributed in some way, to enable us to have a successful DXpedition.

To the guys in in the pileups, thanks for testing our patients at times….¬†and we appreciate when asked, how the pileup stopped when we asked for other regions like Oceania, VK/ZL, Africa etc We had fun, we hope many got an ATNO…

To our NA friends, its s very difficult path and we did our best to work you on the east coast on the low bands. Conditions were often not favourable but we persisted.

Very 73 from the team until next time. de VK9CI / VK9XI

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