VK9CI & VK9XI now QRT!

VK9CI & VK9XI now QRT!

VK9CI Team heading Home

Last word from Cocos (Keeling) Island from Luke VK3HJ – “all stations are now closed and the team is preparing to depart from the island.”

Thank you everyone for the contacts under at times trying solar conditions. Apologies to those who missed us – we really tried to reach you all – however conditions have proven very difficult indeed these past few days.

73 and Good DX de the VK9CI Team SK

VK9XI DigiModes Operations Concludes

Cliff has also confirmed that the extended VK9XI operation back on Christmas Island has also drawn to a close. He will be sending the final logs for VK9XI shortly to M0OXO for inclusion in log search for OQRS.

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