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Preparations Nearly Complete

Update 2nd October:

By now all of the 200kg+ of equipment will have been repacked and the team is preparing to depart. Wish us luck and hope to work you all from VK9XI and VK9CI over the next 2 weeks!

Dateline 28th September 2017:

With only 7 days to before the team leaves for the islands, equipment is still arriving. The box of HF W3NQN Band Pass filters and the SAL30 were delivered moments ago. A delivery from our friends at DX Engineering arrived via DHL as well. Now to unpack the goodies to configure and test with the SAL30 and IC7300 prior to repacking and departure for the islands in a few days time.

A great big thanks to Tim Duffy and the team at DX Engineering and Jay at Array Solutions!





Array Solutions Gear on its way!

Lee VK3GK reports: “Great news from Jay at Array Solutions…… The AS-SAL30 MK2, RX array is on its way. Our secret weapon for the low bands arriving soon.”

Jay from Array solutions writes:

VK9CI & VK9XI DX-peditions.
Shipping today Friday (Texas) to Australia (Saturday already), VK-land:
1 SAL-30 Mark II, the new aluminum mast SAL-30
18 Bandpass filters
Good luck to all the team working on this effort, have fun and many QSOs!

Array Solutions AS-SAL30 MK2 RX array to be used on the expedition

The team are now getting quite excited and are itching to be on their way. Time to start tuning up your own stations so that you will be able to work them next month!