Monthly Archive: October 2017

VK9XI is on the air – 15m CW

The team is underway with 15m on the air on CW this afternoon!

The following was relayed to Facebook today by JA0RUG

That was the heard calling them as seen in VK5, although at the time they weren’t copyable in VK5. The DXCluster and Reverse Beacon Networks were showing their progress well!

Cluster grab from for VK9XI 0400 4th October


Team has arrived on Christmas Island – Setup Underway

News Update from Lee VK3GK:

Arrived safely on Christmas Island after about 12 hours traveling. Even all of our baggage was offloaded, which was good. Greeted by the local Tourism lady and off to the “resort” we go.

A Special thanks to Cliff Tindall for helping out with carting all our stuff to “The Sunset”.

More setting up today and we already have one station operational on the multiband vertical.

Update from Luke VK3HK:

Everyone slept well, and is feeling refreshed. Time to get busy.

First leg down – Team arrives in Perth!

Tony, Luke and Lee have just arrived at Perth airport awaiting to meet up with Adrian KO8SCA who arrived from USA yesterday. Just a few hours layover until our international connection to Christmas Island. Some of the baggage is very CLOSE to the weight limit…..

Cliff VK9VKL will meet the team on their arrival on Christmas Island in a few hours time! Not long now before they will be heard on the air – although Lee and Tony might need a nap first as it will be nearly a 40 hour day for them by the time they arrive!

Tony reports that they dont expect to be on air until tomorrow (4th of October).

The team is now just waiting their connection at Perth International Airport!

Thank You to our Sponsors!

As we prepare to depart the mainland the team wishes to sincerely thank our commercial and individual sponsors for their support of this venture!

Individual Donors

Special thanks to the following who have made individual contributions to this expedition

Graham Alston VK3GA
Edgar Callaway N4II
Stephen Masticola WX2S
Neil Carr G0JHC
Chris Bellmont VK3AWG


Commercial Sponsors

Preparations Nearly Complete

Update 2nd October:

By now all of the 200kg+ of equipment will have been repacked and the team is preparing to depart. Wish us luck and hope to work you all from VK9XI and VK9CI over the next 2 weeks!

Dateline 28th September 2017:

With only 7 days to before the team leaves for the islands, equipment is still arriving. The box of HF W3NQN Band Pass filters and the SAL30 were delivered moments ago. A delivery from our friends at DX Engineering arrived via DHL as well. Now to unpack the goodies to configure and test with the SAL30 and IC7300 prior to repacking and departure for the islands in a few days time.

A great big thanks to Tim Duffy and the team at DX Engineering and Jay at Array Solutions!