VK9XI packed up to fly to Cocos Keeling Island today

The team is now packing up on Christmas Island and is preparing to move to Cocos Island later today according to Luke VK3HJ. The team has put well over 7500 contacts into the logs as VK9XI and has tried their hardest to make contact with all who called. Sometimes, however, sleep just managed to get in the way – at least for Lee VK3GK (photo courtesy Luke VK3HJ).

Update: Finally completed teardown and repack for Cocos at 11am local time. Expecting to arrive in cocos around 5.30pm local so we hope to have at least 1 station operating tonight. Keep a look out for VK9CI tonight from about 1100z.

The team didn’t fly all the way to Christmas Island not to have a brief look around either. Here are some snaps from Luke VK3HJ.

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