VK9XI Logs available via M0OXO Logsearch and now via Clublog!

The Christmas Island VK9XI Log is now being uploaded to Clublog and will soon appear on their Logsearch and on the Expedition page in due course.



(For anyone seeking the log for the previous VK9XI Expedition in 1995, they can now find the Log here;


QSL Card Requests can be submitted via the M0OXO OQRS Service

 Just pick VK9XI from the callsign drop down list.


  1. Yung-Koo, KWUN

    Pse confirm our QSO.

    Station: HL2LTX worked VK9XI
    Date/Time:2017-10-08 04:28:28
    Mode: CW (CW)
    Band: 17M
    Frequency: 18.07450
    Receive Frequency: 18.07300

    TNX & 73 de HL2LTX

    1. vkdxg (Post author)

      Please go to the M0OXO OQRS Service and submit your callsign to see if you are in the logs. If not try submitting a broken call request via the same site. Follow this link for more information https://christmascocos2017.vkdxg.com/index.php/oqrs-service/


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