SPE Amplifiers doing Sterling Service!


The SPE 1.3kfa linear amplifiers are doing sterling service at VK9XI according to Luke VK3HJ

Adrian KO8SCA running one of the stations with the SPE amplifiers


  1. Mike Boudreaix

    Cant find yout stations spotted anywheres! How to find you when you are ON AIR ?

    1. vkdxg (Post author)

      Mike – internet access on Cocos Keeling island is limited – so the team for this leg of the trip are relying on others spotting them when they hear VK9CI. Back to the days before Internet 🙂

      1. Mike

        Thank you kindly. seen you spotted on 20 Meters and 17 Meters today! Fantastic! Yes we forget how simple it is now :-1. Good Dx and hope to catch CI CK this weekend or Monday. Lookinng for Cliff as well. Enjoy and Thanks for the Big effort Mike vK3xz


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