Cliff VK9VKL joins the Christmas Island Team

Cliff VK9VKL who is the only resident ham on Christmas Island (and is quite a ‘newbie’ to ham radio) has joined the team for our stay on the island. His local knowledge and resourcefulness will be most welcomed.

The team is also looking forward to helping Cliff set up some new antennas at his home QTH.

We also noticed on club log that Christmas and Cocos Keeling are around mid 40’s for most wanted east coast USA, we hope that we can help get it down the list a bit.

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    Dear Cliff, VK9VKL
    I have not yet received your QSL card.
    I sent envelope with Self-addressed envelope (3$) on 28.11.2017 for the bellow QSOs:
    SV1OCA DE VK9VKL, on 23.08.2017, 10:56:00, 20M, 14.074,50 MHz, FT8.
    SV1OCA DE VK9VKL, on 10.11.2017, 09:16:00, 15M, 21.074,00 MHz, FT8.
    Leonidas, SV1OCA


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