Christmas Island and Cocos Keeling Island DXPedition 2017 News

Christmas Island Flag

This expedition began planning in early 2017 as the brainchild of Chris VK3FY, Lee VK3GK and Tony VK3TZ. The idea was to activate each island as part of the Oceania DX Contest in either the SSB or CW divisions.

Both Christmas Island (OC-002) as VK9XI and Cocos Keeling Island (OC-003) as VK9CI will be active each for a week.

  • Christmas Island from October 2nd – 10th (coincides with Oceania SSB Contest weekend)
  • Cocos Keeling Island from October 10th -17th (coincides with Oceania CW Contest weekend)

In addition to the original three operators they will be joined by David Collingham K3LP, Luke Steele VK3HJ and Peter Dernikos VK3FN (K3BV).

The on air plan will the team mainly work Split. Please do not call on their transmit frequency, (unless specifically asked). SSB split will start most of the time 5 KHz up from their

Cocos Keeling Islands Flag

transmit frequency.CW/RTTY will start 1 KHz up from their transmit frequency. The team intends to try and keep splits as narrow as possible. Also, if they are not listening UP, they will listen DOWN. Always listen to and follow the operators instructions. No specific frequencies has been choosen as yet. Keep watching the DX clusters or spots.

NOTE: the team will be specifically making provisions to work within the US General band plans.



  1. Dave Knight

    Hope you guys have a safe trip. Was wondering about power and antennas you plan to use? I live in Va on the east coast of us. I need VK9X for ATNO. Conditions don’t look to promising for me to have QSO.

    Dave, N4XYZ

    1. vkdxg (Post author)

      Take a look at our equipment page. We should be running full 400W (legal limit) for VK from both islands.


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